Record Auctions
The unique Inverted Jenny Plate Block, sold by Siegel in 2005 for $2,970,000, a world-record price for a U.S. philatelic item
1918 24-cent Inverted Jenny, sold by Siegel in 2007 for $977,500, the world-record price for a 20th Century United States Stamp
Alexandria Va. postmaster's provisional, one of six recorded examples, sold by Siegel in March 2012 for $632,500, a world-record price for a Postmaster's Provisional stamp
The famous Brazil "Pack Strip", sold by Siegel in 2008 for $2,185,000, a world-record price for any South American stamp
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Natalee Grace Cover

Welcome to Siegel Auction Galleries. We have been holding auctions continuously since 1930. We currently hold between 15 and 25 auctions each year, with lots ranging in value from a few hundred dollars to more than one million dollars. Whether you wish to acquire the "little" stamps to complete a set or the world's most valuable philatelic rarities, Siegel sales have something to offer.

Part One of The Natalee Grace Collection will be held on June 7, 2012. It is one of the most important U.S. Collections ever formed. It includes important printing and paper varieties, color shades, inverts, double impressions, stamps printed on both sides, rare grill varieties and booklet panes. In each of these areas the Natalee Grace collection has achieved a level of completeness surpassing that of any other previous or existing collection of used United States stamps.

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All of our sales since 1995 are available in Power Search, our online searchable database. We have also posted PDF files of more than 600 of our past auction catalogues (with prices realized). These online resources are free and give collectors the opportunity to study the market.

Professional Stamp Experts, a third-party grading and authentication service, has helped to bring the benefits of grading to the stamp market, with Set Registries and Population Reports.

We have included a number of helpful links below to get you started. If you are considering building a stamp collection, or picking up where you left off with an old collection, please contact one of our experts - Scott Trepel, John Zuckerman or Corey Long - and we can help you get started.

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Siegel Encyclopedia

The Siegel Encyclopedia contains pdf file introductions to virtually all stamp issues. They tell the story of how and why each was issued
Siegel Videos

Siegel Videos contains a half-dozen videos about some collections we have sold, or specific rare stamps and covers. It's a great resource for historical information on items like the Inverted Jenny
Past Sales

The Past Sales section of our website contains digital versions of our catalogues going back to 1995, with images and prices realized
Power Search

Power Search is our online database of almost 250,000 stamp auction lots, where you can search using many different options. Type C3a into the Catalogue # field and see every copy we have sold since 1995 plus some earlier. You can also search or order your results by grade or other criteria. It is the most comprehensive stamp database on the web.

The Exhibits section of our website is where we display (as pdf files) exhibits that collectors have put together over the years. They range from specialized collections focusing on one stamp and its use to general collections. Some have been sold by Siegel, and others are active collections. They can be downloaded and studied, to give you an idea for how other people collect.