2014 Calendar
21-22 - The William Fekete Collection of U.S. Stamps, Essays and Proofs
22 - Specialized Hawaii
5-6 - The Curtis Collection - U.S. 1847-1901 Stamps and Covers
6 - The Curtis Collection - U.S. Officials
18-19 - Worldwide Stamps offered by Siegel International
20-21 - The Brandon Collection, Part 2: Confederate States
tba - The George J. Kramer Collection - outstanding postal history from his Grand Prix International exhibit collection
tba - U.S. Stamps and Postal History Open for future consignments and single-owner sales
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The famous Brazil "Pack Strip", sold by Siegel in 2008 for $2,185,000.
A copy of the Emancipation Proclamation signed by Abraham Lincoln, sold for $2,085,000
Unique Inverted "Jenny" Plate Block, sold by our firm in 2005, realized $2,970,000 - A World-Record Price for a U.S. Philatelic Item
The Rush 1847 cover, sold by our firm in 2006 for $1,380,000
Alexandria Va. postmaster's provisional, one of six recorded examples, sold by Siegel in March 2012 for $632,500, a world-record price for a Postmaster's Provisional stamp