2015 Calendar
22 - United States Stamps and Covers
23 - United States Carriers and Locals
23 - United States Telegraph Stamps
24 - The Larry Lyons Collection - All Roads Lead to San Francisco
24 - Confederate States
25 - The Benjamin Franklin Bailar Collection: A Postal Historical Study of America's First Postmaster General
25 - 2015 Rarities of the World
tbd - United States Stamps

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14-19 Come visit us at our booth at the 2015 Singapore World Stamp Exhibition
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The famous Brazil "Pack Strip", sold by Siegel in 2008 for $2,185,000.
The unique 2c Hawaiian Missionary cover, sold by our firm in 2013 for a record $2,242,500
The Rush 1847 cover, sold by our firm in 2006 for $1,380,000
1918 24-cent Inverted Jenny Sold by our firm in November 2007 for $977,500, the world-record price for a 20th Century United States Stamp
1868 1-cent Z Grill Sold by our firm in October 1998 for $935,000 - A World-Record price for a used United States stamp