About Siegel

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries has been running continuous stamp auctions since 1930. The firm has sold many great-name collections, including Lilly, Newbury, Matthies, Grunin, Rohloff, Cole, Kapiloff, Honolulu Advertiser, Morris, Rose, Finkelburg, Zoellner, Scarsdale, Whitpain and Whitman.

Please contact either Scott Trepel, John Zuckerman or Corey Long to discuss consigning your collection to one of our award-winning auctions.
Auctions are held approximately twelve times a year, covering stamps, postal history, autographs and ephemera. Many of our auctions are specialized (including Confederate States, Postal History, Foreign and United States stamps) , or are single-owner sales in specialized collecting areas.

Siegel's retail department handles the buying and selling of a wide range of quality material. Our auction sales for 2009 totaled almost $44 million.

Services for Buyers

If you wish to participate in our auctions, we will be pleased to assist you in many ways. Most of the following services are provided without additional charge.

  • Mail Viewing
    Subject to availability, many lots can be sent to established clients (or those who submit references) for examination. Requests can be made no later than five days prior to the auction. Lots must be returned on the day of receipt. Postage/insurance costs will be invoiced (minimum charge $20.00) Large lots will not be available for postal viewing.
  • Viewing by Appointment
    In addition to the regular public viewing hours, prospective bidders may view lots at our galleries by appointment.
  • Lot Review
    Our on-staff philatelists will be pleased to review the description of any lot and provide more detailed information.
  • Opening Bids
    During the two days prior to the sale, we will furnish approximate opening bids by phone or fax. Openings often change (up or down) and cannot be guaranteed as a reliable indicator of where the auctioneer will start the bidding. Opening bids will not be given on sale days.
  • Hotel and Restaurant Reservations
    We will be pleased to furnish the names of good hotels and restaurants in the area. During peak seasons, we may be able to assist in placing reservations.
  • Absentee Bidding by Phone, Fax or E-Mail
    Bidders who cannot attend the sale may leave written biding instructions. (see Top-Speed Bid Form). Bids called in must be confirmed in writing by fax or mail.
  • Telephone Bidding
    Prospective bidders may apply for a telephone link to the auction and bid through one of our staff members. Applicants must call at least 24 hours prior to the sale date. Phone links are subject to availability and may be cancelled due to over subscription.
  • Expert Certification
    Individual items offered without a Philatelic Foundation certificate (or other accepted authority’s certificate) dated within the past five years may be purchased subject to certification (Please see Conditions of Sale for details).
  • Shipping and Delivery of Lots
    Instructions for shipping must be given to the gallery prior to or immediately after the sale. Unless special shipping instructions are received, we will follow the shipping guidelines on the back of the Bid Form. Buyers are responsible for all shipping charges, whether or not the actual out-of-pocket expense is equal to the invoiced charge.
  • Prices Realized
    A list of prices realized will be included with every buyer’s invoice. We will accept phone or fax requests for prices realized at any time during or after the auction. For those who qualify, our ASAP Prices Realized service will provide faxed daily results during the evening of the sale day (application available upon request). Printed prices realized lists are mailed to all others within 30 to 60 days of the sale, or are available from our web site.

Services for Sellers

If you wish to sell stamps, we will be pleased to provide the following standard services and options. Specially tailored proposals will be made for significant items and collections.

  • Appraisals
    Verbal appraisals of material brought to our galleries are free of charge. Written appraisals for estate tax, insurance or other purposes are billed at hourly ($50) or daily ($500) rates. Fees will be rebated if the property is consigned within a certain period of time.
  • On-Site Sale Consultation
    If your consignment is worth $75,000 or more, we will travel to you at our expense.
  • Consignment Deadlines
    Closing dates for consignments can always be found in our quarterly newsletter, The Siegel Despatch, and at our Web site.
  • Sale Settlement
    42 days from the sale date, consignor proceeds are mailed. Since 1930 our firm has never missed settlement day.
  • Commission Rates
    10% Seller’s commission and 15% Buyer’s premium. Special terms for more valuable properties may be discussed.
  • The Siegel Guarantee
    Major collections can be offered at auction with a guarantee minimum net realization. Estate executors who must protect beneficiaries’ interests will be fully insured against a market downturn by the Siegel Guarantee.
  • Advances
    Advances up to 50% of our valuation are available to consignors under certain terms.
  • Negotiated Sale for Immediate Payment
    If you wish to sell your stamps for a specific price, we will be pleased to make an offer on behalf of ourselves or other clients.
  • Single-Owner Sales
    Collections with a fair market value of $300,000 or more may qualify for a special single-owner sale catalogue. The Siegel firm leads the way in offering major name sales, including over the years the Krug, Newbury, Lilly, Matthies, Weatherly, Grunin, Rohloff, Baker, Haas, Kimmel, Wunderlich, Cole, Kapiloff, Honolulu Advertiser, Morris, Rose and Birkinbine collections.
  • Annual Rarities of the World Sale
    Suitable individual rarities will be accepted for our annual Rarities of the World auction. The consignment deadline for this auction is generally in early March.

Scott R. Trepel

John P. Zuckerman
Vice President

Corey Long
Vice President



The philatelic community continues to recognize the importance of auction catalogues and the internet as valuable sources of information for collectors and students.

In a competition of 71 websites, we placed in the top 5th percentage. We are the only auction house worldwide to place in this top percentage.

Other winners in this top percantage include five philatelic study groups and one literature dealer. Winner of the entire competition was Hawaiianstamps.com.



At the Chicagopex literature competition, held in Chicago on November 16—18, 2001; the Siegel firm won three Gold, two Silver and two Vermeil medals. The firm was also presented an additional special award for "Excellence in Scholarship and Presentation".

Siegel Auction Galleries was the only auction house to win any Gold Medals at this prestigious competition.

These awards won cover a wide range of collecting specialties:

Gold Medal
The David Golden Collection of Carriers and Locals
With an additional special award for "Excellence in Scholarship and Presentation"

Gold Medal
The Hall Collection of Carriers and Locals

Gold Medal
The Dr. Hubert C. Skinner Collection
of New Orleans Civil War Postal History

Silver Medal
The Thurston Twigg-Smith Collection
of Used United States

Silver Medal
United States Revenues
Featuring the Robert Zoellner Collection

Dr. Howard P. Green Collection of Confederate States Covers

Confederate States Stamps and Covers
60 East 56th Street, 4th Floor, NY, NY, 10022
Phone:212.753.6421 • Fax: 212.753.6429